Everybody can be good at Maths! Learning Maths is a bit like training in the gym: it can be enjoyable experience and you get the results you aim for. However, it could be frustrating and you might well end up losing confidence in yourself!  To find out more  visit our Learning Labs. 
We are at Maths Village grateful to all teachers who invested their precious time  to share their own resources. When there are so many brilliant resources around there is no need to re-invent the wheel so to speak, and, therefore, we have not!  To find out the great resources we have hugely benefited from, visit our External Resources.
We note that when it comes to Maths Education the success depends on variability and consistency of the learning process. The Maths Village is our Resource Hub, the home of Master Maths in Three Steps experience. To find out more about it visi our  Three Steps section.
The student's  individual needs are at the heart of our Tuition approach. While we absolugely agree that there is only one way to get better at Maths - by doing Maths - the results depend on "what Maths you are doing" and where we can make the real difference! To find out more visit the Tuition section.
Finaly, we do not keep any personal data and, therefore, there is neighter sign up nor sign in! At Maths Village we use QR codes to get the direct access to the relevant resources and services on virtually any desktop, tablet, and mobile device. Should you need help with QR code use Contact us section to get in touch.

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