Connecting the dots:  Maths tutors. 
The success of any tutoring depends on tutor’s knowledge and experience, as well as available resources. We are London based Maths tutors specialising in GCSE or IGCSE in Maths,  A level Maths and Further Maths. We are happy to offer ongoing support on weekly/bi-weekly basis or provide an intensive training to meet the needs of our students. 
You will receive the detailed T&C due course  to sign, once signed it is legally binding. Our tuition fee is £45 per hour and you can study with a mate for £5 extra!  The first lesson is free if the tuition is not continued. There is a number of flexible payment options to suit you. Depending on your requirements we may offer the following funding options:
- :  we may offer this option  in case of  one off tuition session, short course or workshops,
- : based on the factual number of hours you will receive an invoice on a regular basis to be paid within 2 weeks,
- :  every term we issue a limited number of the tuition certificates of £100 value to pay for our services.  They can be purchased with a good discount from our partners, additionally, the most valuable clients receive it from us as a token of our appreciation of their business. 
We always highly appreciate your trust in our services  and we are pleased to assist it, however,  
end your request using the form below, we always respond the same bussiness day. 


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